Fall Classic
Man-Other Beasts

Fall Classic is a Chicago-based band, defined by itself as Indie Rock, their music shows strong influences of progressive rock, indie folk and soul. Featuring soothing whispery vocals, the percussion is precise, patient and at times echoes, while the guitars focus on riffs and chord progressions, giving complexity to their arrangements bestowing a nostalgic and funky vibe. Fall Classic began as a long-distance collaboration between Ryan Jeffrey in Chicago and Andrew Fatato in Boston. The two (along with bassist Jonathan Kolar) were the founding members of Boston-based The Powers That Be, and had parted ways in 2009 to pursue solo projects. The two former bandmates, separated by the miles between Boston and Chicago, would trade melodies and couplets across the ether. But the break-up wouldn't stick. In 2011 they wrote Fall Classic's debut album NERVES and, along with Kolar and drummer Christopher Grandberry. It wasn't until January of 2012 that the band truly came to life, adding Jonathan Kolar on bass, Christopher Grandberry on drums and Jeremiah Higgins on keys, guitars and BGVs. Since then, the guys have released their first full length record, NERVES. After a year of playing the album out and working on new material, the band released their follow-up, MAN/OTHER BEASTS in the spring of 2013 to glowing reviews. Since their sophomore album, they've been playing out at an ever-increasing pace and writing material for their third album At the time the group is working at "GOSPEL" - The 3rd full-length album from FALL CLASSIC Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.