Biography Early years and how everything began Soulero is a EDM Producer from Sweden who began composing music in 2009. It all set in motion when a good friend of Soulero’s was visiting him one day to try out the software package. Soulero did not pay much attention to the program at first, due to it not catching his interest. After several months, Soulero decided to pick up the program and tried it himself to see how difficult it was to make music. He started to make several songs a day as soon as he had learnt how to put a variety of sounds and melodies together from the help of Clayfacer; a music producer that he discovered on the website Newgrounds. Clayfacer soon became Soulero’s main inspiration to keep making music due to his high confidence about his creations. Soulero kept making music, although after some time, it began taking longer and longer to complete his music projects whilst he learnt new functions of the program. In his first two years of using FL Studio, he collaborated with F-777, who he also discovered from Newgrounds and saw great potential within Soulero. Devotion, another producer, has also helped with Soulero's mixing and production skills. DJ Contacreast (a fellow Swede), was suggested by a YouTube user named Brigada85, from a poll, to help Soulero with his YouTube channel. Today, Soulero is still active on YouTube with the help of his supportive friends and fellow producers: Clayfacer, DJ Contacreast, The Noisy Freaks, Trampboat, Bioblitz and many more. How the name came about The name ‘Soulero’ originated when he was going to play a game called “Knight Online” in his early school years, along with a friend in his class. He always thought the word ‘Soul’ was cool, but it was too short of a name and was already in use. Soulero than fused that with ‘ero’ and Soulero used the name in online games along with music production, and it has stuck ever since. Nowadays Soulero is currently delving deeper into the various subgenres of melodic and beautiful EDM. Contact Contact Soulero via his press contact : Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.